El Colegio de San Luis, A.C., the University of Buenos Aires, the School of Economics of the Universidad Autónoma de San Luis Potosí and the University of Valladolid through the Iberoamerican Network of Computational Sociology convoke to the



This first symposium will be a space for researchers, postgraduate students and people interested in the study of social complexity to present results of research whose object of study is the modeling and simulation of social norms, formation of institutions, influence of reputation on the social fabric, formation of public opinion, decision making, etc. The event is organized in the following themes:


I. Epistemology of computational sociology

II. Methodologies for the development of computational sociology

III. Computational sociology practice: synthetic, analytical and applied models.


In order to disseminate this line of research in Latin America and the World, a collective book will be published in English of the works presented and accepted. The book will be edited and published by El Colegio de San Luis, A.C., there is no publication fee. 


Participating papers need to be presented in the template in Word format available below.


  1. First, send a short summary (Template_Cut) in English of the work with a maximum of one extension page which will contain title, author, co-authors, introduction, objective, methodology, results (initials), conclusion and bibliography.
  2. The summary of the work will NOT be subject to modifications and / or corrections of style, writing or spelling by the organizers of the event, so you will have to take care of its writing by the author (s).
  3. Also, a brief summary of the curriculum vitae of the author who will present said work will be attached.
  4. This will be sent to the address with file name Last Name 1-2019-Month-day.doc (corresponding date of shipment).

Subsequently, the chosen works will be evaluated and those participating in the symposium will be chosen according to academic criteria.


  1. The selected jobs will appear on this page.
  2. Those selected must submit the work in large 20 to 25 pages, according to the format available below (Template_Extense), which must be submitted in English.
  3. The oral presentation of the accepted works will be in English in Spanish in PowerPoint format available (Format_Ponencia), with a duration of 40 minutes of exposure plus 15 minutes of questions.


The work to be submitted must be unpublished. 



The works to be considered correspond to the following typology in each of the previous topics:

· Scientific research articles. Document that presents, in detail, the original results of finished research projects.

· Article of reflection. Document that presents results of finished research from an analytical, interpretative or critical perspective of the author, on a specific subject, using original sources.

· Case report. Document that presents the results of a study on a particular situation in order to publicize the technical and methodological experience considered in a specific case.


 •  Publication of the Call: June 27, 2019

 •  Reception of works (short summary): November - January 2019

 •  Publication of accepted papers for presentation: February 24, 2020

 • Extensive summary submission and presentation at Power Point: April 2020

 • Publication of the program of activities: May 2020

 • The symposium will be held at the facilities of the Colegio de San Luis, A.C from May 20 to 22, 2020


For more information on dates and times of the symposium, consult the "Eventos" section.


· The platform that will be used for videoconferences will be Blue Jeans.

Subsequently, a tutorial will be uploaded to the YouTube channel (network incs) and available in the Videos section.

· It is necessary to register the videoconferences they will attend, this to send the corresponding link to their email address.

· It is recommended that, in the Bibliography part of the short summary, a maximum of three references appear considering the main ones of the investigation.

· Those works within the theme III, must attach in the summary, the necessary information of the computational code used. To do this, you can upload the information or code to an open access repository, for example, GitHub or CoMSES Net, and add the link in the summary.

For any doubt or matter not provided for in this call, you can contact Antonio Aguilera or Norma Abrica.


Dr. Antonio Aguilera Ontiveros and Dr. Norma Leticia Abrica Jacinto, founding members of the Iberoamerican Network of Computational Sociology, give us the cordial invitation to participate in the First Iberoamerican Virtual Symposium of Computational Sociology to be held in May 2020.



Dr. Antonio Aguilera Ontiveros ( COLSAN )


Dra. Norma L. Abrica Jacinto ( COLSAN ) 


Dr. Julio César Contreras Manrique ( COLSAN )


Dr. Jorge Zazueta Gutiérrez (UASLP-Economía)


Dr. Leonardo Rodríguez Zoya (UBA-Argentina) 


Dra. Marta Posada Calvo (UVa-España)